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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Study of Doing Nothing

Hi- it has been a while! I have had a rough transition into 2014.  I have spent the last few months dealing with a few medical issues.  Nothing life threatening but enough to zap me of most if not all of my energy.  As I look back on the last few months my initial reaction is to feel bummed that I was not able to "do up" the holidays as would be my normal plan.  Not only did I barely have the energy to put up some minimal decorations, I was not able to plan and do the many amazing projects I saw all over the Internet that I know my son would have loved! However, now that I am slowly on the mend I realized the blessing in disguise that I was given.  I spent many days with my son doing absolutely nothing- yet it was everything to us! I spent hours on the floor with him- me wrapped in a blanket and not moving much, but him building a fun land with all his toys around me.  The babbling talk he shared with me was just as excited as if I had downloaded the latest Pinterest craft.  I also spent hours of cuddle time just watching my son watch and discover the world around him.  Nothing sketched out for him yet having organically magical moments.  Sure I wish I would have videotaped him, scrap booked his lego inventions, or written down his cute phrases...but in truth I know I will always carry these quiet moments in my heart.  As I am finally recovering my energy, I carry with me the reminder that the gift our children most seek from us is time together- whatever shape that may take. 

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday and are looking forward to the many adventures 2014 will bring.  I am looking forward to health, happiness, and great moments with family and friends.


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